2022 SA Masters Interprovincial

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1. Current World Doubles rules apply with exceptions as stated below.

2. SCORING. 3 games to be played. 1 point per game won and 1 bonus point to the pair winning the match. Men’s Sections 1-3 and Mixed Section 1-3 PAR to 11, no setting, sudden death at 10 all. All other sections PAR to 15, no setting, sudden death at 14 all. At least one member of the pairings, on completion of their match, must mark/referee the following match or as per appointment at the commencement of section play as per the programme. Failure of pairings to mark/referee when required to do so will result in the deduction of a penalty point from their final score.

3. PLAYER HIT BY THE BALL: A stroke shall be awarded to any player who gets hit by a ball that is struck directly towards the front wall. A let shall be played if a player is hit by a ball not struck directly to the front wall i.e. A boast

4. ORDER OF PLAY: The order of play as per the fixture list shall be adhered to. Any team not ready to play within 10 minutes of the previous match will forfeit that match.

5. PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR; Protective eyewear must be worn at ALL times. Markers and Referees must not officiate if ANY player is not wearing suitable eye protection. The offending pairing will forfeit their matches until such time as they comply.

6. THE SERVICE (Rule 4): Before the match begins each team must announce the order in which the partners will serve which must remain the same throughout the match. Also, at the start of the match, the teams must announce from which side each partner will receive service for that game. The teams are allowed to change the receiving side of the partners at the start of each subsequent game and must announce any change to the opposing team (and officials) prior to the start of the subsequent game. Play commences with a service. The team to serve first is decided by the spin of a racket. The nominated first server from the team winning the spin of the racket serves first, serving until a rally is lost. Then the serving team becomes the receiving team (“hand out”). The nominated first server from the other team now serves and retains service until that team loses a rally. The process is then repeated for the second servers from each team. The team who wins the preceding game serves first in the next game. At the beginning of each game and when the service changes from one side to the other, the serving team can serve from either service box. After winning a rally the server must then continue serving from the alternate box.

7. SCORE CARDS: Master score cards will be placed at each court at each venue prior to the start of play. Each pairing will be responsible for ensuring that it is fully completed at the end of each match. If 2 pairings tie with the same number of points in a section, the pairing that won the match between those two pairings is the winner.

8. INJURY TO A PLAYER: If there is a change of partner due to injury, these scores will not count for that section’s match results

9. LET CALLS: Where one player of a pairing calls for a let, then that call takes priority over play continuing, first call takes precedence.

10. PROVINCIAL ELIGIBILITY: This tournament is an official SA Masters interprovincial hence point from invitation pairings (injuries etc) will not count. All participating players must represent the Masters province to whom they are registered. Masters squash has an entry age of 35 which is the prescribed World Squash ruling. No underage players are allowed to participate in SA Masters events. SA Masters Squash reserves the right to make exceptions arising from circumstances, particularly if this is in the interests of the tournament. Squash SA rules state that a player may only represent one province in a calendar year, unless a formal transfer form is completed and signed off by the chairmen of both provinces involved. A minimum of 4 pairings is necessary to qualify for the Kat Leisure Trophy awarded to the SA Masters doubles IPT winning province.
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Margie Misplon
13 Nov 2022
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Where & When
Mon, Nov 7th 2022
Sat, Nov 12th 2022
Fri, Nov 4th 2022 5:00am

Ralston Rd
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Province, Nelson Mandela Bay - Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape 6045
South Africa

1 Ave
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape 6045
South Africa

Freeplay Park
Lenox Street
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Province, Nelson Mandela Bay - Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape 6001
South Africa

Park Drive
Port Elizabeth Central
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Province, Nelson Mandela Bay - Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape 6001
South Africa
Sanctioned Event

This is a Squash South Africa sanctioned event.

Live Scoring Available!
Use SportyHQ's free Score Squash app to live score matches on your mobile device that you mark in this tournament. By using Score Squash, every point is recorded so that players can review the match in detail later. Interested spectators can follow along in real time online and draws are updated automatically at the conclusion on the match.

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Tournament Officials

Michelle Maree

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, ZA

Lisa O'Grady

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, ZA
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